Reigni​ng Cats & Dogs

Pet Sitting Services LLC

Treating your Pets

      Like Royalty

Serving Largo, FL and surrounding areas 

Licensed Bonded & Insured in the State of Florida


Member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters


Member of Pet Sitter Associates

Bonded & Insured

Pet Sitter Associates

Partnered with Blue Pearl Animal Hospital

Blue Pearl

Why  Choose In-Home Pet Services

Your pet will be safe in their own environment 

Be surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds

Reduces Stress on your Pet During Separation

Your pet will be treated as if you are providing the care yourself 

No additional vaccinations required as with kenneling

Size Doesn't Matter

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, not just cats and dogs. Here at Reigning Cats & Dogs, and we strive to make each pet feel important by getting pampered and spoiled while their pet parents are away.


  • Multiple Daily Visits 
  • Daily Feeding Schedule adherence
  • Brushing
  • Walks 
  • Play-Time 
  • Additional Services provided for an added fee 

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  • Daily Visit 
  • Daily Feeding Schedule Adherence 
  • Play Time 
  • Brushing 
  • Additional Services provided for an added fee 

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Small Animals & Fish

  • Daily Visit
  • Feeding Schedule Adherence
  • Additional Services provided for an added fee 

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"I was extremely pleased I was with RCD's service this past weekend. She really showed great concern and care for my 5 cats while I was away on holiday. By far, she has been the best pet sitter I’ve had. I will keep using her from here on out as the pet sitter for my cats. My cats really liked her and she just took such good care of them."

 — Anita, Largo FL