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April News You Can Use

Fleas & Ticks

Our Snowbirds are heading back home taking with them our cooler weather.

Summer is just around the corner, which means... fleas and ticks begin to run rampant.

Contrary to belief, flea and tick season is year-round in Florida, just ask anyone who owns a pet!

Please protect your pets and home from these unwanted critters and the diseases they can carry.

Consult with your local veterinarian and come up with a plan-of-attack before fleas and ticks take over your home and make summer miserable for not only your pets but for the homeowner also.

It is more taxing on our pets and more expensive to treat after they are infected, or your home is infested with fleas.

Please take the proactive approach and protect your pet and home.

There are a lot of new oral medications that are working to control the infestation of fleas from entering your home when the traditional topical medications fail to work.


Another pesky critter that resides here year-round is the mosquito. Mosquitos carry a variety of diseases, not just heartworm. As with fleas and ticks, please make sure your pet is on a monthly heartworm medication. This will make sure that even if your pet happens to become part of their meal, that your pet will not become a statistic.

Encephalitis, or a brain infection is another known disease carried by mosquitos. The virus and bacteria transmitted by one single bite and can be potentially fatal to both humans and their pets Make sure you are protecting both yourself and your pets this year.

Do you know what your dog is walking on?

Spring brings us not only drier weather due to the lack of rain it also brings out homeowners starting to prepare their yards for summer BBQ's and family play time. This also time of the year also brings out our inner DIY Pest Control warrior.

Taking on the bug population on your own can be both rewarding - because you successfully did it yourself; but it can also be dangerous for your pets. Please read and follow the instructions on the package of pest control, lawn fertilizer and weed-n-feed you are using on your lawns and don’t mix up the application of products whenever possible.

If the package says thoroughly water in after application, please do not wait for it to rain before you water in the pellets. Immediately water in the pellets and keep all pets off of the lawn until the lawn has dried.

All sorts of animals from strays to family pets may potentially walk on your lawn and unknowingly ingest the poison you have just placed upon your lawn by licking their paws. This could cost a family hundreds of dollars for treatment or worse yet, the loss of their pet.

To be sure that your pet is safe take a few extra moments to wash off their feet after returning home from your walks and don’t forget the area between their pads.

Be a responsible DIY'er this year! 

Why are pets so attracted to dangerous car fluids

Pets are curious by nature however, this curiosity can also kill your pet.   Antifreeze, transmission fluid, , break fluid, windshield washer fluid anything that can drip from your car is not ideal for your pet to drink or walk upon. 

1. Ethylene glycol (Antifreeze) is a sweet but very deadly poison for pets and it doesn't take much to send you rushing to the vets office.  The appealing smell and taste often tempt animals and children to drink the highly poisonous substance.  In 2012 manufacturers voluntarily agreed to add bittering agents to antifreeze but this does not mean that a thirsty pet will not ingest this deadly poison.  Time is of the essence for treatment if you feel your pet has gotten into antifreeze please take your pet to the vets office to be checked. 

2.  Ethylene glycol (Transmission Fluid)  contains some of the same ingredients as antifreeze and can cause staggering and incoordination, nausea, vomiting, seizures and excessive thirst and urination.  Surprisingly, it takes less than a 1/2 of a teaspoon per pound for a dog to receive a toxic dose and even less for a cat for any ethylene glycol based solvent to poison your pet. 

3.  Diethylene Glycol (Brake Fluid) is similar to Ethylene Glycol but during a urine test the substance will not give you a positive result but can still cause acute kidney failure if a sufficient amount of the product is ingested. 

4.  Methanol (Windshield Washer Fluid) is a volatile alcohol known as methyl alcohol or "wood" alcohol. Its colorless, clear and faintly sweet smelling.  Which of course is going to attract thirsty pets to come and investigate and come lap this up on a hot afternoon.  This poison attacks the central nervous system and can cause - lethargy, ataxia, depression, hypoglycemia, vomiting and abdominal pains.   A trip to the vet is also required for close monitoring and symptomatic supportive care. 

Lets keep our pets safe an happy  this year, and keep the poisons our of the reach of our furry children. 

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