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Treating your Pets Like Royalty

Treating your Pets

      Like Royalty


In-Home Pet Sitting Services

Pet Parents use in-home pet sitting services for a variety of reasons.  Work, school, vacation. 

Below is a list of our most common offered services.

​Rates & Services

Visit Type Rate                               Per Visit

Initial Consultation                                                   Free

Mid-Day Stroll                                                          $18.00

Vacation Care                                                           $22.00 up to 3 pets                                                                                

Additional Pets                                                       Amount will be 
                                                                                      determined if extra
                                                                                      time is needed per 

Taxi                                                                             $20.00 each way

                                                                                      $25.00 per hour

Key Exchange                                                         $7.00 each way

Holidays                                                               Add’l $10.00 per visit

Last Minute Bookings                                       Add’l $10.00 per visit

     (Less than 24 hours)

Payment                                                                Prior to start of service

Extended visits are billed @ $10.00 extra per 15 minutes.

Yard pick-up (pet waste) watering of plants, altering of lights, newspaper, and other average tasks are include in the base price



New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day


Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

*Additional $10.00 per visit

Initial Booking Consultation                                             30 – 90 Minutes

First and foremost during our first visit we want to make sure that your pet is comfortable with us. After the introduction period, we will use this time to fill out required paperwork, transfer keys, tour your home  while going over any questions you may have. I will then tailor a daily schedule to meet the needs of your pet. We will also go over in detail your pets daily feeding schedule instructions, and any other required services.  This required meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service unless other arrangements have been arranged.

I will not schedule vacation care visits for dogs to be let out only once a day

Vacation Care Visit                                                             30 - 45 Minutes

Have more than one pet?  This service was made with you in mind.    During this visit your pets will have supervised feedings, walks, and play time. An additional fee will be added for additional services

Most dogs require 2-3 regular visits per day 

Cats usually require 1 visit per day

Multiple birds or fish housed within the same cage or tank count as one pet

Included in Vacation Care Visits

Retrieve Mail/Newspaper

General Security Check

Water House Plants

Blind/Light Rotation

Mid-Day Visit | Mid-Day Stroll                                                 20 Minutes

                             Offered 10 am – 3 pm                              Monday - Friday                                  

You pup will be happy to have this mid-day walk while you are at work or play. This provides your pet with some much needed exercise and time to relieve themselves in the middle of the day. Clean fresh water and approved treats are provided at the time of their return. 

This service is great for new puppies, and senior pups that are in need of a mid day break.

This service is offered on Holidays by adding the holiday rate to the vacation care rate

*Should you prefer to have a 30 minute mid-day visit or mid-day stroll, please let us know. This service will be billed at the same rate as a Vacation Care Visit *

Terms of Agreement


Payment is due prior to the start of all service.  Payment can be in the form of Visa, MasterCard, check, or Cash/Money Order with a written receipt for payment. 

All Returned items will be charged a $30.00 returned service fee


Should you forget food or litter for your pet, a $30.00 shopping fee will be imposed plus the cost of the supplies. 

What our customers are saying

RCD took great care of my dogs and my fish while I was away on business. My pups were very happy when I returned and I was very happy that my fish were being fed while I was gone. I travel frequently and will be using RCD when I do.

Ron, St. Petersburg