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Treating Your Pets Like Royalty

We started this business because when we needed to go out of town our own dogs were afraid of being placed in a kennel and we can't blame them. Kennels are often loud, dirty, and your pet is frequently kept in a cage until you return having minimum daily contact with the exception of being given food and water.  Have you ever seen a kennel being hosed out to remove pet waste while the pet is still in the cage? Its horrifying and very stressful!  Having personally experienced that, my pets often hid after coming home from being kenneled and were terrified to come out due to their stress levels and fear of being returned. Kennels are basically set up for profit not for one-on-one care. You cannot even guarantee that your pet will be given the food you send with your pet, or that they will be brushed or played with and this can cause an entirely new set of issues for your pets with or without sensitive needs.

As an owner of multiple rescue pets, we found the lack of quality in-home care in our area and the need for special services for our own dogs & cat’s well-being in great demand. Kenneling can be quite expensive and stressful on your pet; and this is especially true for senior & special need pets and smaller breed dogs like Chihuahuas. Keeping your pet in their own environment surrounded by their own toys, eating their own food and letting them sleep in their own bed (or your bed) while giving them special one-on-one attention ensures happier pets! While no one can guarantee that every pet will be 100% happy (that can only happen when their pet parents are present), but we strive to be a close second!

RCD is licensed to operate for business in the state of Florida and is committed to providing on-time, quality service for your pets (and their parents) at their time of need. Vacations can be a tough time for pets and their parents alike because of separation and the cost of quality pet care, we hope to be able to bring peace of mind to their parents and a comforting loving hand to your pets in your absence. 

I am an animal lover, and I have owned pets my entire life from cats and dogs to birds, hamsters, and even fish (often all at the same time). RCD will treat your pets as if they are my own – only better, they will be treated like royalty, and who doesn’t deserve to be spoiled while their parents are away?